Sunday, August 15, 2010

B.TOYS "One Two Squeeze" Review

One day, I went to Target with my son.
Sure my son wanted to go see Toys... then I found B.Toys.
Nothing like ordinary about their toys. Just look at the colors!
Bright and Unique.
I got excited ( Yes, I did. ) and played for a while with my son.

Let me show you the details of this toy. This is One Two Squeeze.

It comes with the gift tag ( To:, From:) so it's ready for gift-giving.
Also this toy comes in a reusable, recycled-plastic, biodegradable bag.
The bag is very cute. Look at the zip-tag and the handle!

One Two Squeeze is ideal for 6 months-3 years.
My son is almost 2, he is loving it.

They are Stackable,Squeezable,Floatable,Squeakable and Chewable (BPA Free).

B.TOYS sent me this product with a personal message. How nice is that.
They are very helpful and kind people.

My son has been playing with One Two Squeeze in so many ways.
They are soft so WALL-FRIENDLY. ( My son likes to throw things......)

Check out B.TOYS Website. It's colorful and fun! You'll see.
They have neat TOYS that can brighten up your kid's room.

We had so much fun with their Meowsic at the store. Isn't it CUTE?

You can find B.TOYS at Target, One Step Ahead, or other stores.
You should be able to find easily.

"B. Quote of the Summer Contest"

On B.quotes page,  B.TOYS are doing "B. Quote of the Summer Contest" till September 6th.

How the contest works: Parents will be asked to submit the brilliant things their kids say to the B. quote gallery during this month-long time period. On September 6th, the "quote" with the most LIKES wins!

Quotes get votes via the Facebook LIKE button on the gallery. Parents can simply upload their quotes or promote them to their family and friends to get more LIKES via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

One lucky winner (with the most LIKES) receives $300 worth of B. toys for themselves and $300 worth of B. toys to donate to the charity of their choice.
Go check their "B. Quote of the Summer Contest" page! 

Special Thanks to B.Toys B.Team for their kindness.

FTC Disclosure: This product was provided for review. These are my honest thoughts and opinions. I'm not affiliated with the company.

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